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Pharmacies can benefit in multiple ways by providing patients access to USA Doctor Network for quick evaluation, diagnoses and if needed prescription written and E-Scribed directly to the pharmacy.

Leave a note for the clinician via secure login that generates a code for the patient to make sure the clinician is understanding the request clearly.

Patients tend to have a direct relation to their pharmacy and more often than not will ask the pharmacist questions and suggestions for treatments that in a lot of cases may require the doctor to provide the diagnoses and write a prescription. USA Doctor Network’s Kiosk provides the added feature increasing the bond of the patient as well as reinsuring new patients so they become a repeat client.

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Getting started

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Speed Matters

In today’s world it takes days or weeks to get a visit scheduled with primary care physician. USA Doctor Network in most cases provides same day responses
Most visits are asynchronous by nature and the doctor can simple go off of the medical history to make an informative diagnoses


There is no need for the patient to wait hours in a doctor’s office while either being exposed to others or exposing others.
When a patient is experiencing medical issues the last thing, they want to worry about is compounding their illness.

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